21 May 2014

Bourbon Drinkers,

Welcome to The Cleveland Bourbon Club’s under-construction website. Currently, there
is nothing here other than this brief missive. Our planned rollout is Labor Day. Why so
long from now? We’d like to say—and you probably expect us to—that drinking is
getting in the way. The truth, however, is that we want to present you with something
that adequately represents both Cleveland and the greater bourbon world.

Our greatest desire is to allow everyone to access information about, discuss, drink,
and enjoy bourbon, no matter what the shelf. And while we intend to get information to
you as we build the site beginning early July, we will definitely enjoy engaging with you
come Labor Day. Cheers.

The Cleveland Bourbon Club

ps – A heartfelt thank you to Douglas Trattner for his Scene Magazine Article about the CBC.